About Meenu

Everything created in simple way


Everybody wants to look beautiful, but we believe everyone is beautiful. Makeup is an art while beauty is spirit.We just don’t do makeup, we believe in your beauty to makeup into a confident and pretty you.

We help bring the eternal beauty outside in a very exclusive way with varied treatments and services.

We enhance this spirit into a gorgeous and wonderful you, giving you our best artistic skills.

Our Story


Meenu Nandwana started her dynamic career as a student of Fine Arts, her passion for art was never next to anything. She went through many career options, but finally she found her soul’s piece and her artistic talent destination in making others look beautiful and confident. She always carried herself very well, so why not help others to do the same? That is when she decided to take this as her career option.Then she started her training as a ‘STYLE NINJA’ and kick started it under the wings of CORY WALIA. Since she was always a perfectionist, she didn’t stop with one mentor and went through rigorous training under SAVIO JOHN PERRIERA & VIDAL SASOON. After training under such wonderful mentors now it was time for her to have some real life experience and she joined one of the industry’s best MAKEUP FOREVER STUDIO.
Time passed and she became adept in her career and now it was time for our ‘STYLE NINJA’ to spread her wings and start flying, that is when she launched her own studio - ‘OMORFI’ in 2013 and decided to be a Professional Stylist. With 10 years of experience in her arsenal she became the best in the industry and known widely for hair styling, bridal makeup, body art, fashion makeup and even face painting skills.This is the story of our own Style Ninja - Meenu Nandwana.
Now on a personal front she’s a strong, confident and very gentle woman. She is a vivid dog lover and her life is her pet dog ‘SAGA’. She feeds him like her own son, plays with him, scolds him. And she's a yoga enthusiast too.


Except to obtain some advantage from it


Time is precious and we respect it. We try our best to be swift and smooth with the completion of the service chosen by you. We will be precise but fulfilling your requirements with our service execution.


Professional experts are chosen to provide you with the best and distinguished makeups, marvellous hairstyles, relaxing services like spa, regenerating procedures, manicure and pedicure. We will not let you complain.


An experience at our salon will be an unforgettable one because we believe that your comfort and ease will be an additional focus while catering to your selected services.

Our Story